About the company

Far-Eastern Corporation LLC has been successfully operating in the Far East for around 12 years.

The company was established on 3rd of May 2002 and has accomplished a large number of great projects since then.

The main types of our work include:

  1. Development, construction of residential, and office buildings
  2. Sale of our real estate objects
  3. Letting of our residential and commercial real estate

Our projects include:

  1. Office building with shopping mall ‘Rondo’, 28 Narodniy Prospect, Vladivostok, Russia
  2. Shopping center ‘Meridian’, 7 Eniseyskaya Street, Vladivostok, Russia
  3. ‘Slavyanskaya’ hotel, 28b Narodniy Prospect, Vladivostok, Russia

Currently, we are in the process of constructing new exciting developments:

  1. Eniseyskaya plaza  – Class ‘A’ Business complex
  2. Residential Complex  ‘The Golden Horn’, this will be the first residential complex in Vladivostok built according to international standards of quality